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BANDITS Bandanas

BANDITS Bandanas- "Fitting"

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The Artist: James Coffman (Napa, CA)

ames Coffman is graphic and typeface designer based in Napa, California. His work is largely inspired by painted signs and type found in coastal Mexican villages. Invoking a dry sun-baked aesthetic, his designs and fonts feel equally at home in the desert, the beach, or in a dry creek bed.

With a focus on branding and identity design, James runs his "non-traditional by design" studio and strives to create "unique, handmade brands and experiences with great people." By doing nearly all of the work in house, James infuses his work with a unique craftsmanship that stands out in the sea of same-ness that is contemporary branding. From interiors to packaging, apparel to logos, the studio's mantra when taking on a wide variety of projects is "To blur the lines between art and design." 


The Design: "Fitting"

James’ take on the "Community" theme takes inspiration in the ways that our communities, though physically forced apart by the pandemic, have adapted to find new ways to come together. The individual figures in the design dance and contort themselves into new, unfamiliar positions. But, like pieces of a puzzle turned around to try to find a fit, the figures ultimately intertwine to create a recognizable whole. Flanked by a Latin phrase meaning “At The Same Time, One” – this design is a nod to ways in which we strive to form community, even when we may be physically apart.   


The Charity: Audubon Society (New York, NY)

During the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, one of the outlets both we and James turned to were local nature and recreation areas. Realizing how much we rely on the natural world for the mental and physical wellbeing of our communities, James  chose to use his design to support The Audubon Society.

Since 1905, this non-profit organization has worked to achieve a world in which people and wildlife can both thrive. With a focus on protecting birds and their natural habitats, Audubon’s state programs, nature centers, chapters, and partners have an unparalleled wingspan that reaches millions of people each year to inform, inspire, and unite diverse communities in environmental conservation action. 

Among other initiatives, Audubon has worked to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, aid in the ongoing recovery of the endangered California Condor and Brown Pelican, and encourage the adoption of policies that balance habitat protection with green energy development on millions of acres across the U.S. 

BANDITS is proud to team up with James to support this organization doing vital work to protect our natural world.